What is AROS ? - a portable, improved open source reimplementation of Amiga OS 3.1. Currently available for: i386, x86_64bit, Amiga m68k, ARM (RaspberryPi) and Efika CHRP / SAM440 PPC hardware, running natively, and/or hosted inside Linux (i386, x86_64bit, PPC), Windows (i386), MacOS (i386), Android (ARM). (Nice, eh?)

What is AROS alive ? - a series of videos exploring various aspects of AROS, and this website with articles about AROS related subjects.

AROS alive technical info

current AROS systems:
Raspberry Pi (arm native)

Amiga 1200 Desktop Computer (m68k native)
Intel Atom N270 / IntelGMA graphics desktop computer with Netgear WG111 V2 USB WiFi (i386 native)

past AROS systems:
Siemens Futro ThinClient AMD Geode 500MHz (i386 native)
Simvalley SPX-5 Android Smartphone (arm hosted)

video production equipment includes:

computers: AMD quadcore 2.5ghz / linux fedora 19
software: Cinema4D (Amiga), CinelerraCV, kdenlive, ffmpeg, mplayer, mencoder, synfig
cameras: HD cam, Sony Digital8

audio production equipment includes:

computers: (see above)
guitars: PRS, ibanez, epiphone, martinez acoustic, warwick thumb bass
amps: peavey classic 30, behringer v-amp
synths: korg m3, roland jv880, novation bassstation, roland jx8p
software: ardour2, hydrogen, zynaddsubfx, rosegarden4
other: alesis multimix8 USB2.0 mixer/audiointerface, zoom h4 stereo recorder