What is AROS ? - a portable, improved open source reimplementation of Amiga OS 3.1. Currently available for: i386, x86_64bit, Amiga m68k, ARM (RaspberryPi) and Efika CHRP / SAM440 PPC hardware, running natively, and/or hosted inside Linux (i386, x86_64bit, PPC), Windows (i386), MacOS (i386), Android (ARM). (Nice, eh?)

What is AROS alive ? - a series of videos exploring various aspects of AROS, and this website with articles about AROS related subjects.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


With happy excitement we have noticed 'AROS alive' got some coverage on the internet! Thank you! :-)

AROS alive - Part 1: reworked, updated 2011

Part 1 of AROS alive has been re-released due to copyright issues, and includes minor updates. Picture quality has also been improved.

rsf - AROS alive - Part 1 (2008 / update 2011)