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Monday, July 15, 2019

New distro: "AROS One" by "Spadoni Carlo" / AMIGASYSTEM

UPDATE 2019-07-30:
Ops, sorry! I've just received message from the author of this new distro - it's not Andreas Magerl, but "Spadoni Carlo" / AMIGASYSTEM! Thanks for the info!

Pretty much from out of nowhere a new AROS distro has popped up: "AROS One v1.0" by "Spadoni Carlo" / AMIGASYSTEM.

"AROS One" is "Spadoni Carlo"'s personal AROS distribution, which he just made available to the public.

It's based on AROS x86 ABIv0 latest nightly builds, comes with a custom icon set, a "AROS-for-Amiga" (AfA) style Wanderer setup, and is preconfigured for vmware virtual machine use. Installation on real hardware will require some adjustments, e.g. network interface.


Here's a demo video:

Go to AMIGA FUTURE's "AROS One" forum topic page for more information and download:

Additional sources: 

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