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Friday, November 4, 2022

AROS is Amiga: Janus-UAE 2 - alive!

Great news from the emulation side of AROS: Janus-UAE is making further progress with version 2.

Janus-UAE aims to not just emulate an Amiga computer, but also to integrate emulation with AROS as seamless as possible.

AmiBerry developer MiDWaN (Blitterstudio) has picked up development, and is working on updating Janus-UAE 2 to current WinUAE features and use SDL2.

You can find the latest release of Janus-UAE 2 on GitHub:


Additional sources:


Sunday, October 10, 2021

"AROS One" v1.6 released

AROS is going strong with another update of "AROS One" by AMIGASYSTEM.

"AROS One" is a ABI v0 based AROS distro for m68k and x86 computers. In this new release lots of applications have been updated, new themes and icon sets added, a couple of new games and demos - and pendrive support. You can both download a pendrive-ready image of "AROS One", and create your own ones.

"AROS One" as seen on https://sites.google.com/view/arosone

If you're into the details you might wanna skim over the release thread on EAB with lots of details and q & a:


In any case make sure you go to "AROS One" website for more information, forum links, video links, screenshots, and download:


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Sunday, July 21, 2019

"AROS One" v1.1 released

UPDATE 2019-07-30:
Ops, sorry! I've just received message from the author of this new distro - it's not Andreas Magerl, but "Spadoni Carlo" / AMIGASYSTEM! Thanks for the info!

It's been only a couple of days since we reported about new AROS distro "AROS One" v1.0, and it's already got an update.


Very nice, AROS One has been released in version 1.1. Even nicer: this time a m68k version has been added!

Note that the m68k version is currently aimed at emulators and hasn't been tested on real hardware so far. Also it's supplied in form of a hardfile, which can't be used directly on a real Amiga.

Tutorial videos and are provided, along with ROMs and WinUAE config file for the m68k version.

Little is known about this distro so far, so maybe it's best you give it a try yourself!

Go to English Amiga Board's "AROS One" v1.1 forum pages for more information, video links, and file downloads:

AROS-One x86 v1.1

AROS-One 68k v1.1


Monday, July 15, 2019

New distro: "AROS One" by "Spadoni Carlo" / AMIGASYSTEM

UPDATE 2019-07-30:
Ops, sorry! I've just received message from the author of this new distro - it's not Andreas Magerl, but "Spadoni Carlo" / AMIGASYSTEM! Thanks for the info!

Pretty much from out of nowhere a new AROS distro has popped up: "AROS One v1.0" by "Spadoni Carlo" / AMIGASYSTEM.

"AROS One" is "Spadoni Carlo"'s personal AROS distribution, which he just made available to the public.

It's based on AROS x86 ABIv0 latest nightly builds, comes with a custom icon set, a "AROS-for-Amiga" (AfA) style Wanderer setup, and is preconfigured for vmware virtual machine use. Installation on real hardware will require some adjustments, e.g. network interface.


Here's a demo video:

Go to AMIGA FUTURE's "AROS One" forum topic page for more information and download:

Additional sources: 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Icaros Desktop 2.2.6 released, and 2.2.7 beta for Patreon supporters

Another updated public release of Icaros Desktop, and a restricted release of the latest beta version. 

Here are some of the new features of release 2.2.6:
  • new Icaros Desktop debug log
  • new versions of muimaster.library, dcraw, and VIM
  • EasyRPG Player, interpreter for games created with RPG Maker 2000 and 2003
  • new games included: "The Kidnapping of Princess Pri" and "Grimps: Squeaking of the Dead"
  • updated manual
  • modified VMware SVGA driver which adds support to Full HD, 2K and 4K resolutions
...and more.

As always visit http://www.icarosdesktop.org for more information, and downloads!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Icaros Desktop 2.2.4 released

Icaros Desktop, probably AROS' most popular and comprehensive distro, got updated to version 2.2.4.

Here's a list of changes since 2.2.3:

- fixed OpenURL preferences to correctly forward URLs to OWB
- added GlJewels to OpenGL/Games
- added AmiTimeKeeper (Internet time NTP client) to Prefs
- updated AmicastPlayer
- updated AMath
- updated FIG datatype
- added INFO (Amiga icons) datatype
- added ModExplorer to MultiMedia
- added Open Gladiators to OpenGL/Games
- updated OpusTools
- added sox utilities to MediaEditors
- added sfxr sound generator to MediaEditors
- added Targa (TGA) datatype
- added ZuneBrot to Misc
- updated Vim to version 8.1 (now with graphical interface)
- replaced AROS installer with InstallerLG on both i386 and 68K
- added Super Mario War to Games
- added Stunt Car Remake to OpenGL/Games
- added UHCTools
- updated ZuneView
- updated ZunePaint
- added WHD_Menu to FileSystem
- added ICO (Windows icons) datatype
- added vic script: shows current Icaros Desktop release
- replaced SysMon with SysMon-XPT, which shows CPU-time too
- updated VICE to version 3.1 and optimized for speed and sound
- added icon to music and video examples in MyWorkspace
- fixed (increased) default stack size for some file types
- added RNOeffects to Design

Go to Icaros Desktop's homepage to download the latest release:


Monday, October 22, 2018

AROS Exec: new website

New website, still rocking: "AROS Exec", the community's main forum website has moved to a new address:

This is a "reboot" of AROS Exec, meaning you have to register a new user account even if you had one on the previous website. All previous threads and posts are gone from the new website - but have been read-only archived to https://ae.amigalife.org/old/

Make sure you update your bookmarks, and visit AROS Exec every once in a while!