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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Distro: AspireOS - alive!

Nikolaos Tomatsidis' AROS distribution "AspireOS" V2.0 "Titan" is out!

After years of silence, AspireOS got another update. Nikolaos says that AspireOS "...feels much like the legacy AmigaOS in the way it opens windows etc. I want Amiga people to feel at home once they try it." The latest release is based on AROS nightly build of Feb. 5th 2018.

Some of the new applications included in the release are:

- 4klive (software synthesizer)
- ArModPlugPlayer (modplayer)
- Protracker, Protrekkr (tracker programs)
- Directory Opus 5.91 Magellan II (filemanager)
- GianasReturn, LBreakout2, Sqrxz4, Voxel Bird (games)
- ZunePaint (painting / image manipulation)


Also included, just like in the previous release, are Odyssey (webbrower), Audio Evolution (DAW), Janus-UAE (Amiga 68k emulation), MAME (arcade emulation), GrafX2 (pixel painting), AROSPDF (PDF viewer), mplayer (audio/video player), and many more.

(full list: https://sites.google.com/site/arosaspireone/AspireOS )

Head over to...


...and grab your copy!




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