What is AROS ? - a portable, improved open source reimplementation of Amiga OS 3.1. Currently available for: i386, x86_64bit, Amiga m68k, ARM (RaspberryPi) and Efika CHRP / SAM440 PPC hardware, running natively, and/or hosted inside Linux (i386, x86_64bit, PPC), Windows (i386), MacOS (i386), Android (ARM). (Nice, eh?)

What is AROS alive ? - a series of videos exploring various aspects of AROS, and this website with articles about AROS related subjects.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

AROS alive - Part 1: reworked, updated 2011

Part 1 of AROS alive has been re-released due to copyright issues, and includes minor updates. Picture quality has also been improved.

rsf - AROS alive - Part 1 (2008 / update 2011)

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